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Text for Page 145 [04-27-1861]

who was standing in front of his store, surveying
the procession, called out to me.   His remarks were
not many, but they contrasted with his sen-
timents as adapted to the lattitude of Charleston.
As I have before had occasion to observe, most
of the Northern men who go South on business,
rather justify the Southern conviction that �a Yan-
kee will do anything for a dollar.�        Lindsay
supposed Charleston would be destroyed, which
didn�t impress me pleasantly.     His sister, he said,
was in Indiana.            Further on, Viele met an
English acquaintance of his, with whom I present-
ly left him in a liquor-saloon.       To the �Evening
Post� office; saw Maverick.       Returning, saw
F. Wood and Nicholson at the �World� office.
Met Shepherd in Broadway.    He spoke of the in-
tended return of a school-teacher, or governess, to
whom he is more or less �engaged,� at present in
Tennessee; producing a letter from her and reading
a line of it containing that intimation.  Up-town.
In-doors during the evening.    Boweryem brought
Stockton up, who is reduced to a consideration
of Ways and Means, as the new �Century� dynasty
pays only in accidental silver.   I was tired and
went fast asleep on the bed, while they talked.   Wrote
subsequently for an hour or two.               Apropos               
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