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Text for Page 146 [04-27-1861]

	Boweryem�s Paternity.
of Stockton, Cahill said a funny absurdity, 
on first seeing him.   �Boweryem brought a death�s
head home with him,� quoth he.       The Pennsylva-
nian�s countenance is suggestive of a Memento Mori.
  30.  Tuesday.   A dull, raw day, with rain
in the afternoon.  Writing story for Strong; Ca-
hill and Boweryem up occasionally, the latter to
read a poem of his about Fort Lee and going
to the wars.    It has real merit; but the writing of
it is mighty characteristic; for he has taken for
his title a Latin motto signifying, �Where I Love
I Serve�; which he arrogates as �borne by his family
for Six hundred years.�      Now as, by his own con-
fession (made in confidence to everybody), he is the
natural son of a rascally father, who seduced
two sisters, the elder of whom compelled him to
marry the younger, generally relinquishing her own
claims (though she, too, had a child by him)
and as Boweryem assumed his present
name by joining two � Bower and Yem � under-
both of which his father had passed, the mental
corollary of a listener to the poem was funny.
In the evening I went to Haneys.        A �bluff�
party in the Hayes� room, Leslie and his wife
of the number.      Talking with Haney till 11.
Jack Crockett goes off to Washington to join the               
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