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Text for Page 147 [04-29-1861]

              The Park in War-Time.
Seventh as an amateur to-morrow.   He was at
745 last night, rather tipsy; not an infrequent
condition with him.   Nicholas wanted to volun-
teer, too, but the Bank couldn�t very well spare
him.          During this night�s conversation, for
a wonder, Sally�s name was not once men-
tioned!        Cahill up in my room, on my


  1.  Wednesday.   Alternate rain and sun-
shine and raw, chill wind.    Writing and loafing
till 5, then down-town, passing Nast; whom
Cahill met subsequently, walking with Eliza,
Matty in the rear, and, relating it to me, burles-
qued Tommy�s assumption of the airs of a man
about town.     I thought his face looked flabby
and Jewish.        One always finds a man�s face
disagreeable when one dislikes him.        Left M.S.S.
at Strongs, looked in at Haney�s and return-
ed up-town.      A company of �Ulster Guards� in 
occupying the barracks in the park, sentries in
shabby private clothes, with a blue blanket for cloak.
over them.            Out awhile, after supper, then               
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