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Text for Page 148 [04-29-1861]

            Mrs. Ham�s Antecedents.
in the parlor, playing cards and idling till 11;
anon out with Vieile, our Dutchman (for he is
more of a Hollander than German) to Haneys for
ale and welsh rarebits.            Cahill brought me
a story impugning the inevitably hypocritical chas-
tity of Mrs. Ham and her knowing friend, the
ex-Miss Fagan, t�other day.   Some acquaintance
of Griswold�s, calling on him, recognized the first
of these women, as one he had known turned out
of a boarding-house, in consequence of her introdu-
cing fornicating friends into her kennel.          Fagan
didn�t go as far as that, but her reputation was
sufficiently fly-blown.    Always knew the Ham
was a bitch � felt it instinctively.      Which epithet
(utterly indispensable in to the English language) Ca-
hill came into my room, repeating as if
it were a shibboleth, one day, after he had sat near
and been talked to by this Irishwoman at dinner!
  2.  Thursday.   Writing to George Bolton.   To
the Mercantile Library and then down-town, in the
afternoon, Cahill going with me.     To the Post
office and Haney�s; witnessing the parade of the
2nd regiment, previous to their departure for the
south, opposite Barnum�s.      Going up-town was
accosted and accompanied by Frank Wood (whose
face was spotty and talk asinine.)    He said a               
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