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Text for Page 150 [05-01-1861]

    Honeywell in Washington.   Bradbury dead.
allusions to kid gloves, truffles, and that affec-
tation of heavy swellism which all Irishmen be-
lieve in.)   Honeywell showed well in the letter;
this campaign may improve the young fellow.   Af-
ter some talk about the war, a little chat with
Matty (principally of Haney�s doing) we left at
the usual hour and wended our way boarding-house
  3.  Friday.   Heard for certain that old Brad-
bury died some four months ago, in his boarding-
house.   He came home as usual, a little tipsy, took
to his bed for a day or two and only quitted it for
his coffin.     The window went into mourning, but
didn�t put Anna into it; both moved up-stairs,
into an attic.     I have seen the girl in Broadway;
her manner and what I hear of her indicates that
she has fulfilled the promise of two years ago.
Cahill�s impression is that Mrs. B is her mother,
and was the washerwoman.          Down-town, to
Strongs; Cahill walking with me.    Returning.  In
the evening I was sitting in my room with Bowery-
em, the little man rather hipped from lack of employ-
ment and the absence of any present chance of �the
British Volunteers� being ordered off for active ser-
vice, when the Dutchman, Vieil came up, inform-
ing us that he had taken his passage for a return               
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