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Text for Page 151 [05-02-1861]

               An exacting Dutchman
to England in the same vessel which brought
him over; furthermore manifesting a good deal
of excitement about the non-return of certain
collars and handkerchiefs, confided to my washer-
woman.     He became so exasperating about this,
that though I knew the woman had only deferred
her call till the morrow, in consequence of the
rain, I got savage with him, lugged on boots
and turned out into the wretched night, on a
journey to the East River end of 14th street,
Viel accompanying.   While riding up to Union
Square in an omnibus, he deprecated my anger,
and subsequently professed to be very miserable;
said he had not the courage to kill himself, but he
wished the vessel would sink and drown him.
It would take a day to tell me all about it, he
added, but he had been wealthy.   His object in
coming to this country appeared to be the pursuance
of some debtor; whom he found he couldn�t prose-
cute his claim against with any chance of success,
without spending money, to which he entertained
an objection.        So I cheered hi up a little; we
reclaimed his linen and brought it back to Bleecker
street, and looking into Mc Pike�s by the way.
When I got him home, he must needs go down
into the kitchen to ask the servants to arouse him               
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