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Text for Page 152 [05-02-1861]

	Cahill �on� the �N.Y. Times.�
at an entirely unnescessary earl hour in the morning,
and effected it in an agreeable manner by saying
to the cook, �I shall cut your throat if you do not
call me!�
  4.  Saturday.   Vieil off, paying our landlady
meanly.   The man was a curious fellow of the genus
ass.      His American experience has been confined
to journeys between this boarding-house and the bar
of the Metropolitan Hotel, a visit to a brothel
(at the expense of a fellow-passenger) and perhaps
two walks down-town to Wall Street.       He objected
to everything American; his principal misery appear-
ing to be that he was �not acquainted.�       He seemed
to like London better than any other place.      All this
seemed additionally absurd in a man who had been
in China and India.          He showed us the mark of
a scorpion-bite on his leg, received in the east.       In
doors until the afternoon, when the day cleared,
then down-town.      Haney came up in the evening
and stayed till 12.                   Cahill has been enga-
ged on a regular salary of $18 a week, on the
�Times,� an unexpected and unusual sum at com-
mencement, and one which older hands infrequently
receive.      (Mort Thomson gets but $15 from the
�Tribune�; a mean salary.)           Cahill paid another
$2 to Larason and the same to Boweryem, of               
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