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Text for Page 153 [05-03-1861]

	W. Leslie�s Home.
whom he borrowed $5, before his flight to En-
  5.  Sunday.   Haney up for an hour or so.
Out with him, leaving him at 745, intending
to call and inquire after Mr. Edwards� health
� and to stay to dinner, if invited.          A sun-
ny, cool day, growing colder as it drew towards
night.       In the afternoon took car to 38th
street, where, within four doors�s distance of Lex-
ington Avenue, stands W. Leslie�s newly purcha-
sed house.        It is a neat one, possessing �all
the modern improvements,� but not entirely
furnished; the parlors being empty.          I found
Mrs. Leslie and her baby, a child of three months,
with a head of hair, and comically like its father,
in a rear room; and Leslie himself was aroused
from a nap to receive me and other visitors; two
women and a little girl.        He showed friendly
and hospitable, talked much and loudly, took
me throughout the house, told how it had cost
him $9,500, and was purchased in his wife�s
name � a not uncommon expedient in New York,
in view of reverses in fortune; when creditors can�t
touch the property � and much more.    We talked politics,
secession and acquaintances.     About the latter
an amusing trait came out concerning Hayes               
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