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Text for Page 154 [05-03-1861]

	     Cheating at Cards.
senior.   The Leslies have discovered that he cheats
at cards!      He is a little, jolly, bald-headed old
man, who seems to have no other passion and no
other enjoyment in life than that afforded by the
�devil�s picture-books.�   Whenever the Leslies visit
16th street, the old man is uneasy until he can
get them cards out and set in for an evening at bluff.
They play for trifling stakes, but bet, so that the
losses sometimes amount to $2 or $2.50 an
evening.     The little old man always wins! and, when
it is his deal, fraudulently deals to himself two
trump cards � generally aces.     The Leslies, commen-
ting on the uniformity of his luck, have watched him
and observed him slip cards at the bottom of
the pack.   �It was quite palpable,� said Mrs. L.,
whom he always requests to �go it blind,� which she
now refuses.         The funny, little, dishonest game-
ster cheats his son-in-law, too.           Leslie supposes
that he makes his pocket-money by it!     Ned Hayes
pays the board for the family, including his father,
mother and self.    He earns over $40 a week at
his business of scene-painting.    The immaculate
Mrs. Potter was onc seduced into becoming one of
this group of innocent gamblers, but on losing
$2 one evening, she concluded that �it was very
disgraceful� and seceded.        Leslie passes her               
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