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Text for Page 155 [05-04-1861]

                The Hayes Family.
in dignified six-foot silence; as he had a
row with the incarnation of feminine respecta-
bility about a bad $5 bill which she declared
he gave her, in part payment for board; which
event induced his removal.          The cheating
of Hayes senior, Leslie takes in pretty good
part; his notion of winning, includes
the expending of the money in a supper, to which
he says they never invite himself and wife.
The old lady and Ned they like extremely,
as everybody does.   The old couple have odd
little spats, but are the best friends in the world.
and Mrs. Hayes being a sensible old-lady, has a
funny perception of the humbug of Mrs. Potter�s
delicacy and gentility.         Altogether the Hayes fa-
mily present a most amusing and genial picture.
Both Leslie and his wife declare that Mrs. Pot.
cheated at cards, too!                 Talking of
Mrs. Theodore Griffin�s departure for Europe,
Mrs. Leslie told how her mother had known
the woman, when Mrs. Gill, sending for her, when
an acquaintance, to either be a witness against
or assist her in inducing Gouverneur to marry
her.     This occurred at the Havard Hotel
in Broadway, of course after Gill�s death.   She
had received warning to leave from the land-               
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