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Text for Page 156 [05-05-1861]

      Reminiscences about Mrs. Gouverneur.
lord, in consequence of her behavior; was not
allowed to appear at table; having her meals
sent to her room.    There was a stormy scene, in
which she told the man, who probably would soon
have tired of her as a mistress, and had no
desire to make her his wife, that everybody in the
hotel attributed Gladdy�s parentage to him � knew
of the intimacy between them! �You advance a rea-
son for my refusing to marry you!� he said.       Un-
questionably he was half-bullied, half-cajoled into
making her his wife.        She was very handsome,
then; Mrs. Leslie�s mother remembers her ap-
pearance blazing in hired diamonds, at a hotel-
ball.       Gill seems to have been ruined by her folly
and extravagance.       He was in the South Ameri-
can trade, used to go to Caracras, where she
once lived with him.    Her present husband told
her that he hadn�t a cent; she responded that
she must have a husband and married him.
  Kendal joined our party in the evening.   He
lived at Charleston for eight years, I find, and
is naturally Southern in sentiment.    We smoked,
had our grog, and I stayed till 11.           I like Mrs.
Leslie; she seems a sensible woman and the
match a capital one.     Leslie himself is about
as well-mated and as happy as he could be.               
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