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Text for Page 157 [05-05-1861]

	Wilkins of the �Herald.�

[newspaper clipping]
  by Herself.  Edited by L. MARIA CHILD.  12mo. pp. 303.
  Boston:  Published for the Author.
		The author is a native of
North Carolina; she was born in bondage, from
which she made her escape at the age of twenty-
seven; and for eighteen years has lived in the
family of an eminent literary man in the vicinity
of New-York, from whose wife she bears the
highest testimonials to her capacity and moral
worth.  The volume has been written at the
odd hours which could be snatched from house-
hold duties, and is now published with the
�earnest desire of arousing the women of the
North to a sense of the condition of two millions
of women at the South still in bondage.�

[Gunn�s diary continued]
		The author of this
		book (reviewed in to-day�s
		�Tribune�) is the mother
		of handsome Louisa Ja-
		cobs, once an inmate
		of the house of Fanny
		Fern.  She figures in
		that woman�s execrable
novel of �Ruth Hall� as the attached negro
�Gatty.�   N. P. Willis is, of course, the �eminent
literary man.�
  6.  Monday.   A ceaselessly rainy, stormy
day, with fierce wind, which increased at night.
In doors, writing, all day, Cahill with me du-
ring the morning and intermittently during the af-
ternoon.           Wilkins of the �Herald,� who died
yesterday, was buried or rather had funeral
service performed over his body to-day.  I met
him once, at Clapp�s, when O�Brien toadied him
a good deal, and I was familiar enough with his
writings and intimates.     His �Saturday Press� and
�Leader� feulletons (as they were affectedly entitled)
were very shrewd and clever, though in palpable
imitation of the French mocking spirit; his �Herald�
editorials as unscrupulous and often as base as
anything in that abominable paper; pimping and               
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