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	With Morris to 745.
eligible sheets.       The dead man appears to have
been kind and liberal to those about him.   He
lived with his sister-in-law, who kept a boarding-
house in Amity Street; where Wilkins died; she
and the boarders having removed on the first of
the month.
  7.  Tuesday.   Down-town to Strongļæ½s; saw
him.     Writing during the afternoon and till 9,
when Morris came up; having also called un-
successfully on Sunday.   He showed friendly,
weak, inquisitive, kindly and unsatisfactory, as
usual, and presently, pushing his suggestion of a
visit to 745, I we accompanied him thither;
thinking it an opportunity of keeping up nominal
visits as well as ascertaining how things are pro-
gressing.   It was past 10 when we got there,
Mat opening the door, pater and materfamilias
sitting at the table, Nast beside Sally, on the
sofa, Eliza next to young Tousey, Matty apparent-
ly unattached; for she, either from that reason or
goodnature, crossed to a chair beside Morris and
talked to him.         It was a mere form of saluta-
tion that I gave and got from all but Mr. and 
Mrs. E. and Matty; to whom I chatted exclu-
sively, principally about the war.   The elder folks
were cordial, as they always are.      I think Nast               
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