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Text for Page 162 [05-06-1861]

	He disparages Nast.
has slackened his attentions to his future
father and mother-in-law, even to half-ignoring
their presence, and that the quick-sighted woman
perceives it.           When we left (I rose at a
little before 11), Morris began abusing Tommy as
a nuisance, saying that he did nothing but
monkeyisms, and thinking it must �disgust� the
girls.     I couldn�t help grinning to find how gene-
rally conscious everybody is of his offensiveness
� or envious of his popularlity!         I walked a few
steps with Morris and returning, passed Nast and
Tousey, who had just quitted 745.  The little chuff
saw me.
  8.  Wednesday.   Writing during the fine
but cool morning.  Finished story; down-town
in the afternoon to �Harper�s� with it; leaving it
on J. Bonner�s desk.        Looked in at the �Evening
Post� Office, in quest of something to do; saw Mave-
rick.        Met Morris conversing with Shanley in Nassau
Street; the latter talked easy Irish sympathy about Wil-
kins and said he had heard a letter from O�Brien
read, in which the Baron of Inchiquin stated that
he had been officiating, in his turn, as cook to his
company, producing an Irish stew, which, of course,
was voted an immense success.    Up town.    In-
doors writing, during the evening, Cahill and               
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