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Text for Page 163 [05-06-1861]

	  Nast and the Girls.
Boweryem present a good deal; the former
came up again near midnight.
  9.  Thursday.   Writing till 4 �, then out for
a walk down Broadway.  Met Haney, turned back
with him and walked leisurely as far as 745,
where I left him.     The girls and Tommy came
up to visit the Hayes family yester-evening and play-
ed cards.      Tousey was of the party, probably Jack.
It was �rather a solemn observance,� and Nast made
advances to Haney.      Writing &c. during the evening.
  10.  Friday.   A dull, raw day.    At the story
for Strong till about 5, then turned out, but the rain
came down and sent me back in half-an-hour.
Matty and Eliza passed me, hurrying homewards.
I thought Martha looked very kind and pretty, pro-
bably because she gave me a pleasant smile.    Further
on I was stopped by Mrs. Bartow, who told me
that she was living with her sister, Mrs. Case, previous
to going east for the summer and that little Maguire
was temporarily with her.     The latter has a brother
here and proposes to live with him.              Returning,
Haney came up presently and, supping with me,
stayed till 9.          Cahill, at the supper-table, ap-
peared a little drunk, though nobody but myself no-
ticed it, till he confessed up-stairs.      He had been
to the Battery, where a regiment of volunteers is sta-               
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