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Text for Page 167 [05-10-1861]

	Boweryem versus Burr.
in the Johnsonian as well as the modern sense; he
would do much to oblige a friend, and I veritably
believe, is incapable of a base or mean action.   When
I was in Charleston he wrote letters untiringly to
me, always delighting to direct them to the British
consul.    He lent me his watch, too, on my departure
for the South, and was every way friendly.   I fancy
he must have �fussed around� considerably, on the
strength of being privy to my secret; which he
could not resist divulging to Mc. Elrath, to Stock-
ton, to Weston and perhaps to others.        On his
return from last Sunday�s trip to Fort Lee, he wrote
an account of a row on the steamboat in which
Chauncey Burr got into a scrape, by talking Seces-
sion; being adjectively down upon that burly ex-
reverend; and took it to the �Tribune.�    When it
appeared, he went about asking everybody whether they
had seen his �article�?        There�s a feud between
the Websters and Burr; Boweryem says the lat-
ter slandered them about their residing at the �Urinary�
Home in 14th street.     Anyway the little man is
most vindictively down on him.     On the day of the
publication, he declared he remained all day in
his (Weston�s) office, in case Burr might come
to demand satisfaction!      I was really apprehen-
sive that the little chap would come home with               
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