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Text for Page 036 [10-06-1849]

              ley more or less drunk all the week. / �Hughey� playing the
fiddle of a night in our room. /	Mrs. Hauns daughter, (mar-
ried); an inmate of her mother�s house ) � about eighteen, not ill-looking
and in the state in which �the gowne of greene was all too wide� � 
  /   How inexpressibly dear must a woman be, when thus, in the
eyes of a husband who loves; what an angel beauty there must appear
in her sweet face, when first conscious of approaching maternity. I re-
collect some exquisite writing on this topic, (if my memory is right,) in 
Sue�s Matilda.  /	Assuredly Circe�s magic is but little needed
to effect a transformation on most of the �forked radishes with heads
fantastically carved�, that live, breathe and rot in the world they are
so unworthy of � swine are they, and like Gryllus swine they
will be.    Gross, gross, gross � all.   The sight of a woman
about to become a mother is but the provocative to obscene and filthy
jests.			And what thoughts does it bring to me? �
Ah my own dear girl, loved of old, and loved ever, � will thou
ever be my wife? � shall I ever see thy sweet face mirrored in
one that will call me father � oh could I tell thee of the thousand thoughts
the idea conjures up within me! � Why then, then � thou wouldst
love me dearly, dearly, ever dearly.		/	Not at
all well this week, whether mentally or bodily.   Blue devilled
too, witness these rhymes, which I like so well I�ll finish when
inspiration�s on               
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