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Text for Page 170 [05-10-1861]

Boweryem has what small right there is on his
side in the matter; though he acted from glory and
cockiness.    Left English in Spruce Street; went
to the �Evening Post� office, Haney�s, Strong�s and
Tammany Hall; at the latter place encountering
a gentleman belonging to Billy Wilson�s corps of
roughs, who had a black eye, the other hidden
by a bandage and a generally bruised countenance.
He was civil, though hoarse, in answering my questions.
  Was overtaken by Damoreau and a fellow-engraver,
with whom I walked up Centre Street; Charley and
I vilifying eatch other for omitting mutual visits.
Parted outside a place where Damoreau had had
made a couple of big 10 lb clubs, for gymnastic exercise.
Writing during the afternoon &c., out to tailor�s in
the evening.   Boweryem up part of the time.
  11.  Sunday.   With Cahill and a companion of
his (once a �Day-Book� reporter), whom he had brought
home on two consecutive nights to share his bed, or to
occupy another in the same room, off down-town
wards, parting from the latter, and ourselves keep-
ing on to the Battery.   We had agreed upon an ex-
cursion to Staten Island; Cahill having appointed
to meet his cousin Seymour and Mr. and Mrs.
Fent at 10 o�clock at the Staten Island Ferry.
Being too late, we obtained admission to the Battery,               
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