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Text for Page 172 [05-11-1861]

               A Camp on Staten Island.
singing a hymn in Castle Garden adjacent.  Ob-
taining egress, with more difficulty than ingress; for
the crowd had increased apace, we went to the Ferry-
house and by 11 o�clock, started for Staten Island.
It was a real summer�s day, sultry on shore, de-
lightful on the water.    The Great Eastern passed
us, returned from her new voyage across the At-
lantic: the sight of her ponderous bulk gave me a
pleasant gush of summer recollections.     Debarka-
tion.     Met and was recognized by a Mr. Turner,
an ex-reporter to the �Courier,� now a Major to
the First Regiment of N.Y. Volunteers.     He was
bearded, in a dark blue uniform, and looked well
enough.    Learning our object, he offered to pilot
us through the camp and did so.             It occupies
the site of the old Quarantine grounds, the men
being lodged in long barrack-like buildings, houses
and occasional tents.     We visited the cooking-depart-
ment, saw each department of it, the raw meat,
beef and pork, the cooked and cooks, the boiling
of beans for soup and what not.      Going up a plea-
sant green hill-side, we overtook and were intro-
duced to Lieutenant-Colonel Duyckman, an ex-Mex
ican Volunteer, who henceforth bore us company.
The men had just received their clothing from the
State, a plain, gray military suit, and a capa-               
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