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Text for Page 173 [05-11-1861]

cious surtout or overcoat; in one of the barrack
buildings we found them receiving them, trying
them on &c.      They seemed hearty, sturdy fellows,
with commonish visages and on good terms with
Duyckman.      From one place to another we went,
enjoying the sight and the delightful morning.
Near the place where the men received their ra-
tions, I recognized an acquaintance, in the ex-
Charleston-Hotel waiter, who returned to New
York with me on board the James Adger.    He
was one of the corps and entreated me not to
mention the circumstance, in case I went back to
South Carolina.       Two of his fellow-waiters, he
said, Irishmen, like himself, had been obliged
to enlist in the Southern army.   His name was
Courtney.        Presently, at a house, we joined
a group of (militia) officers, when there was a 
good deal of handshaking and introductions.
Among the visitors was Colonel Ray Tompkins,
of a Staten Island company � a gentleman with
a large and straggling grayish beard, who, two
summers ago, distinguished himself by heading the
mob which burnt down the Hospital buildings.
We were talking and smoking, amid gold lace
and epaulets, when Cahill espied his cousin 
and hurried out to bring him in.        Seymour               
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