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Text for Page 176 [05-11-1861]

	A Regiment of �Roughs.�
head from �Harper�s Weekly,� plus the lat-
ter peculiarity, will give some idea of the
man; it was taken from a photograph. 
Declining his invitations to drink and
dinner, we departed, just as his wife and

[newspaper engraving]

[Gunn�s diary continued]
another woman arrived.    She was a large, coarse
woman of, I thought, Irish physiognomy, and he
advanced to kiss her.    A. T. Whiting, whom (I
am glad to say) we didn�t see was �officer of the day�
of this regiment, which comprises the worst roughs of
New York.   Such men as these �officers� recall old
Johnson�s saying about patriotism with a vengeance.
Whiting was universally believed to be pimp to his
wife�s dishonor with Frank Leslie; being besides a
notorious sponge and �sucker.�    The fellows at the
office used to cover the walls with odious carica-
tures of him, representing him as a leech, a mus-
quito, a bug, a �sucker-�fish, &c.       Returned
to New York by the 3 o�clock boat, and remained
in doors the rest of the day.           It is not so very
many Sundays ago since I had a similar expe-
rience at Sullivan�s Island, South Carolina;
I am now witnessing t�other side of the medal.  Men
of all sorts show very much alike, under simi-
lar circumstances.    There was perhaps more whis-
key drank among the Carolinians.    Judging from               
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