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Text for Page 177 [05-11-1861]

   Mort. Thomson married to Grace Eldredge.
the crowd I have seen to-day, as contrasted
with kindly Dan Miller�s company of �Richland
Rifles,� I should pronounce the Southerners the
better and more simple-natured fellows.          I�m
sorry to know that Cahill had a relapse into
his old vice, on Friday and Saturday.  He was
drunk the best part of both days, knocking down
all his week�s wages and $5 to boot, in
company with the young fellow he brought home
with him.     Luckily he had paid his board in
advance, besides purchasing some necessaries.  How-
ever Mrs. Levison will get nothing this week.  The
$5 he got as a �present,� from one of the Volunteer
colonels, who has promised him $50.           He is
penitent now.
  13.  Monday.   This-
in to-day�s �Tribune.�
  In doors all the rainy
day, Cahill with me

[newspaper clipping]
  MARRIED.�Mr. Mortimer Thomson, better known
as �Doesticks,� was yesterday married by the Rev.
Henry Ward Beecher, to Miss Grace Eldredge, eldest
daughter of �Fanny Fern.�  The ceremony took
place at the residence of James Parton, esq., the cele-
brated biographer.  The patriotic mother of the bride
had an elegant American flag arranged as a canopy,
beneath which the happy couple were united.x

[Gunn�s diary continued]
a good part of the time, he rather hipped and
miserable.     Writing till 11.
  14.  Tuesday.   Writing all the morning. ^|A letter to Cobb.| Down-
town in the afternoon, met Oliver Hillard.
To Strongs and Haney�s.   Up-town by car with
the latter, dining at 16th street with him, after-
wards in his room with Ned Hayes and Hayes�
	x This was only an intention.               
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