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Text for Page 179 [05-11-1861]

	     The Ceremony.
brother-in-law.     They left us to go to scene paint-
ing in half an hour.           Stayed till 9 �.         Ha-
ney was present at the recent marriage, half
accidentally, as he generally dines at the house
on Sunday mornings.     The thing was done very
quietly, without the delicious theatrical foolery inti-
mated in the �Tribune� paragraph (written by
young Clif Thomson) though that had been intend-
ed.   Fan had a flag in the corner of the room,
but when Beecher arrived, they forgot the canopy
project.  No persons were invited, only the persons
specially interested, Ned Welles and the Thom-
sons.      The ceremony was of the briefest, not oc-
cupying twenty minutes, Grace wearing the $100
dress of lilac silk presented by Stewart to her
mother and by her made over to the present Mrs.
Thomson.   She went through it well, looking like
a honest school girl and appearing perfectly unaf-
fected.      They kissed and congratulated her when
it was over, when she told Haney that she hoped
that the next marriage she would be present at
would be his, and that he would be as happy as
I ho she hoped to be.     In narrating it, he
spoke kindly of the girl as any man would do.
Said I, �Not one of the girls at 745 but will
feel as if Grace had obtained a victory over them.�               
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