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Text for Page 168 [08-29-1851]

              with awe and ineffable, passionless pity on its deserted on its deserted tenement; � on 
those flocking
round it; ere with [estalic?] knowledge and fruition of God�s Love made known
and justified in all things; it soars upwards.     What follies, what vanities, mean-
nesses and littlenesses, what must not mortal life appear to spirit-eyes; what stumb-
ling and groping onwards unknowing of purpose & object; � what sensual thoughts,
and sordid pleasures.     And yet what a yearning and feebly striving after Goodness,
and Humility & Truth; � [words crossed out]!  What a maze this World is?   The [word 
crossed out]
passeth through dry places seeking for rest but findeth none.   Who can be content
with the ministry and sway of Evil?   God guide, and forgive all of us!
  30. Saturday.  To Frenchs, with written article to accompany the   Illustration
thence calls in Nassau Street, thence to Holmes, (office shut)  thence to Anderson�s);
Watt�s book store, thence to Castle Garden, sending of a batch of Cooks to the
Island for Barth & Creecey, (having at starting been to Canal Street for
them; � I would there have taken Mason�s room, but Mrs Dob with a
simper on her small fools face told me she had let it.)     Afternoon in
doors.   Evening in Broadway met Albert Brown and together to Mrs Kidders,
there found Lotty singing & playing. (Her mother within, busied about Mason�s
accommodations, Jane Gibson about also.)     She played and sang Auld
Robin Gray to me (which I had brought her.) and other songs.  Presently
West Indian Cooper came, and anon Pope, & yet another.   Mason &
Miss J G intermittent.   Lotty sang and played a great deal.   Cooper
sate beside her, Pope said but little, Albert Brown apart sate on a
sofa retired and matagrabolized; Mrs K sang during the latter part of 
the evening.     I had a regular conversational set-to with Lotty in the course
of the evening, she arrainging me as taxing her with doing outr� things for
the sake of effect.  She can take but infinitesimal doses of candor I see
and perchance will go her own wilful road � Alas! so many to [unclear word] her 
in�t?   [words crossed out] Little bright eyed beauty may you speed well � [words 
crossed out]               
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