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Text for Page 181 [05-14-1861]

            Reflections on the Marriage.
and will show itself.     I�m not sure but that
a man ought to look back at least two genera-
tions, before choosing a wife.  He can know but
little of her, or his own character, without
some such information.  I verily think that the
discovery of a vital flaw � an inherent streak
of bitchiness � in the mother of any man�s ina-
morata would justify his disposing of his nine
days� passion with as little ceremony as so many
blind puppies.         And then, what trash is it
to say that you �don�t marry all the family,� when
you invariably do, unless you can emigrate to
the other side of the globe, or establish a deadly
quarrel with them, which Mrs. N. or M. of
course would connive at.                 I think
Grace liked Haney once, and would have had
him.   She talked confidentially to him and
gave him a story she had attempted, which was
published in the �Ledger.�    He is good-looking
and lively, was, perhaps, one of the few eligible
men who visited the house.   And the old cat
wanted desperately to win him over to her side, be-
sides believing in his capacity to make money.  Jim
warned Haney on this score, once, intimating that
Grace would develop like her mother.      Maybe
that Haney was flattered by the idea, as most               
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