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Text for Page 182 [05-14-1861]

               Miscellaneous Doings.
men would be � I thought I detected this
in his talk this evening.   Both he and I
agreed that this marriage would probably ac-
celerate Sally�s and Nast�s, Haney fixing it
for the autumn of this year.             Within half
an hour of Grace�s marriage; she hoped dinner
would be ready soon as she was hungry.     They
rallied her about matrimony developing a good
  15.  Thursday.   Only out in the afternoon.  Wai-
ting the rest of the time.
  16.  Thursday.   Down-town.   Met Dixon.  He
has suspended the publication of his �Scalpel� for
one year.     (I had hoped to have done $15 worth for him,
next week.)      In Frankfort Street met Scoville
who invited me to visit him.     To Harpers; saw
Bonner � hadn�t read story � no chance for stories
during the war � advised trying Guernsey, for
the magazine, which I did without the slightest
hope of acceptation.    Saw Damoreau at the en-
graver�s room, walked up towards Nassau Street
with him, tarrying while he dined at the �Rain-
bow.�   To Strong�s, left Chapter 4 of story; par-
ted with Damoreau.        Met Hayes the engraver.
Alf Waud is at Willards in Washington, send-
ing on sketches and living in clover.   Alf would               
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