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Text for Page 183 [05-14-1861]

                Hayes on Alf and Bill Waud.
go, though Nast wanted to; they (the proprietors
of the paper) had either to quarrel with or
let Waud go.        The advantages he possessed over
Tommy were extreme obstinacy and the capacity for
writing letters.     Tommy is very industrious and on
a regular salary � gets, Hayes supposes, $25 or up
ward a week.     �We (the engravers) �like him;�
said Hayes, �for he keeps us steadily busy.    When we
had nothing but geniuses to draw for us, we had to
stand idle for two or three days sometimes; until they
felt like working.�       He takes Alf�s unbroken sala-
ry each week to �Mrs Waud,� to whom Alf has
written.    About Bill, in Charleston, Hayes com-
mented thus: �As I told Alf, it�ll just suit Bill;
life at the South.     If he can wear a neat uniform
and have a nigger to wait upon him, and be a
captain or lieutenant or something, and not have
much to do except ordering fellows about, it�ll be
all he wants.      He never liked too much word work,
did Bill!     About the wife, we all know how that
was; the baby came, precious soon after the marriage.
Bill was kinder forced into it, you know, and I
don�t think he ever did much towards paying the board.
I used to say he got married to avoid paying it.�  I
remarked that Will was very popular in Charleston.
�He always is popular,� he said, �you don�t catch               
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