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Text for Page 184 [05-14-1861]

             Sudden Death of Welden.
him saying disagreable things and offending
people.�    He ended by inviting me to visit him,
subsequent to the expected lying-in of his wife.
Up-town, writing part of the afternoon, and
till late at night.      Cahill with me at sunset.
  A note from W. Leslie asking for the $4 which
I owe him, and commencing, �I never experienced
the necessity of collecting small amounts due me
so forcibly as now.         If you can accommodate
me, &c. &c.�        He must be paid.
  17.  Friday.   Whitewashed out of my own
into the adjoining attic.    Writing there all day
till sunset, then continuing, in my room.      Finished
six chapter-story for Strong.
  18. Saturday.   Cahill tells me that Welden
died suddenly, last night, almost in his presence!
Both of them, with Armstrong, were drinking at
the bar of the Tammany Hotel, Welden in his
usual condition, when he turned as if to go up-
stairs.   �Oh! stay and have another drink! you�re
not tight, are you?� said Armstrong.     But Wel-
den ascended the stairs without saying a word.
Almost immediately a waiter entered, with 
�I�m afraid that the gentleman has broken
his neck,� in response to which the bar-keeper
made some semi-brutal, semi-jocular remark.               
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