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Text for Page 188 [05-18-1861]

Though I knew their names, the identity had
not occurred to me, at first; I doubt if he
had spoken of having a wife.     They became
reconciled and lived together again, when I visit-
ed them; they appeared even happy.    But he
drank still and she was, I fear, constant to her
wretched antecedents, which I have chronicled seven
or eight years ago.         I was plagued with both
of their confidences, then, and got into a small
row about it; though it came to nothing.     Finally
she robbed, left him, fled to Australia, where she
had a brother, and there died � as he informed me.
I have seen his second wife, but know little of
her; I doubt if the marriage was a happy one,
or if they lied much together.    Of late, Welden
appeared continually intoxicated; he used lauda-
num, too; would pour it into his tumbler when
before drinking, in a bar-room � this I have on
Cahill�s testimony.       Everybody had got to regard
him as a hopeless case: I liked him for what
he had been, rather than what he was.   There was
a feebleness about him which touched one; it often
pained me to meet him.       I�m afraid he talked
loosely and was unveracious, but God pardon his
errors! all of them, now!           I fear there is not
one soul that really loved him in the world.               
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