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Text for Page 190 [05-18-1861]

               A deslotate Death-Bed.
into the arms of Death, but they suppressed it.
All went off in a coarse, unimpressive way, as
is commonly the case on such occasions and the
�Times� people spoke of the event in a semi-brutal,
matter-of-fact manner, bred out of the conviction
that it must have happened some time, be it to-
morrow or ten days hence.      Yesterday night, after
the death, they left Cahill alone with the body,
he says for three quarters of an hour, probably
half that time.    He says there was an immediate
offensive smell arising from it as though the al-
cohol in the system were going off or decomposing.
�Send us up some smoke,� Cahill said to Arms-
trong and the others (who had requested him to
wait there �for a minute or two,�) �I must have
a smoke, or I shall get as nervous as h__l!�
He closed the eyes of the corpse and tied up the
jaw with a towel.          A dreary vigil and most
desolate death-bed!         The probably small and
inevitably barely-furnished room of the second-
rate hotel, common to everybody; 
the dead man, summoned from a life of tramping
hither and thither, of familiarity with New York
streets and faces, the night aspect of hot editorial
rooms, with their comers and goers, bar-rooms
and loafing-places, all of the world wordly � all               
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