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Text for Page 191 [05-18-1861]

            From New York to � le N�ant?
too, employed in a hopeless haze of drunkenness
� the plunge from this into the great mystery �
all these surroundings are grim and tragic
enough, God knows!     Welden�s creed was akin
to them, that of Leibgeber in Paul Richter�s
Siebenkas.   He confessed as much to me, once, when
he talked of suicide, and I urged that he could
not escape existence; though he might change the con-
ditions of it, telling him that as far as I could,
I did assuredly believe in immortality and the final
redemption of all of us.                        From Tam-
many Hall I went to Strong�s, saw him.              Mc.
Lenan and Gaylor there; the first said he had
been ill and rheumatic gout and looked it; the
second was simply, latently unpleasant, as usual.   In
at Haney�s several times; didn�t see him.                     Up
town by dinner time.     Haney came in the evening,
joining Cahill, Boweryem and myself, over the
supper-table.     Cahill had appeared rather drunk,
though, I think, I was the only person who perceived
it.      Up in my room anon.   The others leaving us,
Haney read the current �Philip,� and at by 9 � sug-
gested a visit to 745.        So we went, finding
Ann, Sally and Matty within, the latter
with her hair in curls.     Talk, verbal sparring
with Ann, not to her advantage; some little               
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