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Text for Page 192 [05-18-1861]

	           At 745.
minor passages with Sally, friendly chat with
Matty.        Of course Ann commenced with a smart
remark about my being a stranger, when I ask-
ed what was the use of calling, when she was so
seldom at home? � and so it continued.  �That
anything about Me?� she would inquire, when I said
anything.       I suppose I was objectionably cool
and free and easy, inasmuch as I felt defiant
of all but Matty, who has been kind to me, since
the Nastification of her sisters.      There was a
second allusion to the infrequency of my visits,
with a �Yes, Mr. Gunn, explain yourself?� from
Sally and a reference to my response to Ann
on my part.          Haney speaking incidentally
of a story about Will Waud�s starting an illus-
trated paper in Charleston, brought
to 745 by Nast, I didn�t scruple to characterize
it as one of those inventions which had
their origin in the artists� room of the �Illus-
trated News� and which Mr. Nast only retailed �
which I�ve no doubt is the simple truth.     Mr.
Edwards came in for five minutes or so, but
not Mrs. E.       Her business is suffering heavily
from the impending civil war.       I foresee hard
times for this good family.         There will be no
summer Graftonizing, this year, I fancy.          Ah!               
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