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Text for Page 193 [05-18-1861]

          An Excursion to Staten Island.
it is at such times that one would like to be
rich.           I went to Leslie and paid him
his $4 to-day.
  19.  Sunday.   Cahill (who returned maudlin
drunk last night or at early morning, as report-
ed by Boweryem) tells me a story about his losing
his money - $9 or so � by putting it not into
his pocket but his trousers.     I don�t believe it.  At
10, Jack Edwards arrives, and by 12 he and
I embark for Staten Island; soon meeting
Haney there.   He had come down about a printing-
bill, on the invitation of Major Jim Turner of
the 1st regiment of Volunteers.  We met a Major
Hayes, of Bartlett�s Naval Brigade; which Hayes
is a crisp-bearded cockney and ex-Crimean sol-
dier � a sturdyish fellow, too.     He was very
friendly, recognized me, took us through the places
where his men were quartered and then engaged
in eating their dinner, subsequently giving us ours,
in a small room where a party of twelve or more
were assembled, among them a chaplain named
Dennison, and a woman who writes novels for
Street and Smith.   We made a capital meal out
of the tin platters and cups, anon adjourned for
out of doors smoking and loafing.    To Wilson�s
Zouave camp, where several companies were being               
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