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Text for Page 194 [05-18-1861]

              Two Volunteer Regiments.
drilled.    They were mostly men of small
stature and ugly, convict physiognomy: I looked
in vain for one prepossessing face.      The barracks,
too, had that indefinable odor of pig-stye about
them inseperable from the low Irish.                  It was
a cool, sunny, breezy day and we enjoyed the
scene and holiday extremely.   I am convinced
that this regiment comprises much of the villany
and ruffianism of New York; the women who
had come to see their friends had faces like those
I saw in the dancing-places of the 4th Ward.
The skull as horribly perceptible through the face
in many of them.          Strolling back we went
to the quarters of the 1st regiment.      These men
were coarse-looking enough but they presented
a pleasant contrast to Wilson�s �crowd.�       We
smoked pipes, lay on the grass, joined a party
at Colonel Allen�s invitation intent on testing
the commissiarat whiskey, met Major Turner,
and were by him turned over to a tall beard-
less young Lieutenant of Canadian birth, who
had seen service in the Crimea.     He took us to
the victualling department, which I had seen last
Sunday.       As we quitted it, there was one soldier
on guard haling another along in true brutal, mil-
itary style, while the offender was d__ning the               
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