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Text for Page 195 [05-18-1861]

	Patriotism in the Rough.
other�s eyes freely enough.       An officer interfered
advising the sentinel to �run his bayonet into him,�
if he didn�t go to the guard house peaceably!     Our
lieutenant told us of fights between his regiment
and Billy Wilson�s; how seventeen Zouaves had
set upon two of the first, on the ferry-boat, Wil-
son looking on and never preventing it.   Statement
all on one side, of course.           By 4 o�clock the
first turned out for evening parade.          They had
no muskets, but drilled exceedingly well, being in
all upwards of eight hundred men.           We returned
by the crowded 5 o�clock steamer and walking
up Broadway, when past the hospital, met
Sally and Nast, going I know not whither.x  I
parted with Jack and Haney at Bleecker Street
corner and stayed in doors all the evening.   Ca-
hill and Boweryem at supper.
  20.  Monday.   A dreary, cold, drenching
day, in which I did not stir abroad.     Doing
chores, writing (the last eight pages among other
things) until 11.       Cahill never came home last
night, only showing up at the supper-table.        At
9, Shepherd came up and partook of a tod,
professing himself full of eager anticipation at his
having to meet his �engaged� one from Ten-
nessee, at the railroad, to-night, when he will
	x To Beecher�s Church in Brooklyn.               
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