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Text for Page 196 [05-19-1861]

	Welden�s Funeral.
commence a course of reformation &c., &c.
So at, 10 o�clock, he went off.       Frank How-
land has returned from Paris; as, a fortnight
or three weeks ago, did Neal and House, both
of them qualified to claim the dedication of
Rabelais� book, having �gathered of the ripest.�
  Mrs. Boley with old Jewett, went yesterday
to Jersey City, to visit Mrs. Deforest and her
Lloyd.    They are to be married next Sunday,
then to go to Iowa, to visit his mother, to re-
turn and spend the summer on Long Island.
  This day, Sally returned my edition of Lamb,
which I lent her some five or six months back.
There was a card �with many thanks. S. E.�
pencilled on it, in the volumes.

[newspaper clipping]
  FUNERAL OF MR. WELDEN.�The funeral of Mr.
Charles Welden took place at St. Paul�s Church, yes-
terday fternoon.  Beside the relatives and immediate
friends of the deceased, there were many present be-
longing to the New-York press.  The remains were
taken to Greenwood.

[Gunn�s diary continued]
			(From to-days �Trib-
			une.�)     There were
			not many persons pre-
			sent: Cahill told
me he expected quite the reverse, hence I did
not go.         In a coffin now, with the rain
raining heavily on the earth, over him.  The Times
paid funeral expenses.
  21.  Tuesday.   Down town.   Strong at his farm.
To Post-office.  Returned up-town.     Writing in the
evening till midnight and after.               
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