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Text for Page 197 [05-19-1861]

	Heenan, �the Benicia Boy.�
  22.  Wednesday.   To Strongs, finding him in con-
verse with Banks.      Instead of $30 for the
complete story, I got only $5 for the first chapter,
Strong expecting to pay for each as they appeared.
A disappointment, as I am sorely in need of the
money.      To the �Evening Post� office, as usual in
quest of employment; saw Nordhoff and Maverick.
Up-town.       In the afternoon to Godwin�s residence,
he not well enough to receive me.   Returning through
the busy, bright street, thronged with well-dressed
people and pretty women, in rather matagrabolized
mood, I met Geary, our Irish boarder and ex-
minstrel who must have me take a glass of ale
and walk with him.      During the latter, he told
me that he had concluded an engagement for him-
self and daughter, at $70 per week for two
years, with Tom Thumb (?)  In Broadway we
met sundry gamblers, whom Geary recognized,
and John C. Heenan, the pugilist, to whom I 
was introduced.  The �Benicia Boy� was dressed
in a suit of perfectly new clothes, after the man-
ner of his class.      He is a tall, finely-propor-
tioned fellow, his symmetry rather concealing his
immense strength, his countenance not repulsive;
it might be considered coarsely good-looking.    He
wore a moustache and appeared like a Broadway               
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