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Text for Page 198 [05-20-1861]

              A National Champion.
gambler � to which profession that of pugi-
lism commonly gravitates in this country.  Some-
thing being said by Geary about the War and
the possibility of English intervention (about
which the New York press has, just now, one of
its chronic attacks of Anglo-phobia), Heenan
remarked, with a quiet but delicious air of im-
portance, that in that event he should feel cal-
led upon to &c. &c.!    Geary invited him to drink,
which he declined.                 Evening to 16th
street, Haney out, Hayes senior at cards with
Mrs. Potter.     To 19th street, calling on Mr. and
Mrs. Case, there perhaps an hour, then return-
ed to Bleecker.
  23.  Thursday.  In doors till the afternoon near
sunset.    Writing.  A letter to Godwin among other
things.    Cahill with me morning and evening.
  24.  Friday.   Indoors till near 5, then
down town.   Met Colt by the way in a military
cap and demi-uniform; with him to the arms
store of the �company� with which Lindsay is con-
nected and learnt that he, Lindsay is at New-
haven.     To the �World� office, heard that Mar-
ble has been confined to his house by inflamma-
tion of the eyes.       Saw Croly, had a friendly
talk with him.           Up town.  After supper to 16th               
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