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Text for Page 199 [05-22-1861]

	The Three Sisters again.
street, found the usual card-party in progress in
the Hayes� room, no Haney.       To 745.      Mat
opened the door for me, bade me in.    The girls,
their father, Nast, Polhemus and a young Phi-
ladelphian present.   Nast and Sally on the sofa,
as usual (rather let alone by the others), Matty
and Eliza at work upon new dresses at the table,
my chair, as it chanced, between them, Polhemus
fronting the lovers or near them, Philadelphia op-
posite papa Edwards, by the fireside � 
where a cheery blaze made the room comfortable.
Talked war news and the death of young Ells-
worth (in common with all New York to-day)
anon chat with the girls.        Matty was very
pretty and good humored and Eliza not averse
to join in talk; the manner of both sisters
indicated that they were tired of being lookers-on
at the t�te a t�tes of their engaged sister and
Tommy.   Indeed Eliza hinted the general falling
off of visitors, �now the house had
lost its attraction,� when, of course, I inquired
who was dead?   I got along very well with both girls,
interchanging an occasional remark with Sally,
she addressing me first.          Tommy was red-faced
and I think occasionally hard up for conversation,
as I noticed intervals in which Sally sat silent               
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