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Text for Page 202 [05-24-1861]

	   A trip to Fort Lee.
has really appeared in a Charleston paper rela-
tive to a projected Southern illustrated paper,
under the direction of Mr. William Waud! and
that Waud�s brother-in-law had heard from him.
W. W. demurred at returning to New York, under
the impression that it mightn�t be safe for him � 
he also stated that he had got free from his military
responsibilities.    It�s probable enough that he�ll
remain down South � for a time.           Returned up-
town.      Colt came in the evening, staying an hour
and more.          Anon Cahill and Boweryem were
up.   Abed by 2.
  26.  Sunday.   A June day.             Leaving all
New York expectant of the funeral pageant of
Ellsworth (at whose death House was present;
he has written a good account of it in to-day�s
�Tribune�), I went to Fort Lee, to visit Dunn
English, who now occupies the house formerly
tenanted by the Webster�s.     A ramble with him,
returning to hear M.S.S. read and dinner.       Other
acquaintances of his appeared subsequently, and
Boweryem, whom I returned to New York with,
by the 6 o�clock boat.     By 9 o�clock to 745.
Haney there, Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, Sally and
Nast.     Haney had been dining with Mr. and Mrs.
Mort Thomson, reporting agreeably of them.   By and               
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