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Text for Page 203 [05-24-1861]

	           At 745.
bye, Matty, Eliza, Anne and Jack appeared, some
of them returning from Chapin�s.  Mr. Edwards
read aloud Fanny�s article in the �Ledger� about
her daughter�s marriage; all of us (barring Haney
and myself) manifesting an inclination to sniff
at it.      Not much transpired this evening; I
think Haney and I spoke only to Matty, of the
girls; for Anne, she went and sat to�ther side of
Tommy, only becoming momentarily prominent in ans-
wer to a gird of Haney�s.           (He will �not willingly
let die� the rememberance that she was against him
in his wooing of Sally.)           Eliza has turned the
cold shoulder to Haney of late, wherefore his adop-
tion of my r�le of absence; though less rigorously
observed.    He went home with me subsequently,
had a pipe and, detained by a grand thunder
lightning and rain-storm, staid till midnight;
Cahill being with us best part of the time.
  27.  Monday.   Down-town by noon, to the �Tri-
bune,� �Times,� �World� and �Herald� offices, in quest
of employment, seeing respectively, Dana, Ray-
mond, Marble and Hudson.            Unsuccessful at
each and all, though the latter on hearing that
portions of my Charleston letters had been reprint-
ed in the �Herald� inquired particularly and favorably,
taking my address.      �Go anywhere?� asked he.     I               
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