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Text for Page 204 [05-24-1861]

      Old Charles dead.   Powell snubbed.
answered in the affirmative.     To the �Evening
Post� office; Godwin still absent; saw Nord-
hoff and Whitely of Hoboken, whom I used to
know some years back.       He told me that old
Charles died twelve months ago; that previously
he (Charles) had experienced an awful exposure
and shaming, in a court of justice, about certain
log-rolling, jobbing, political corruptions into,
which the once owner of the �Reveille� had been be-
trayed.     Whitely attributed his death to this wret-
ched business.         He had, too, the usual stories
to tell about old Powell, involving borrowing, spong-
ing, dodging and lying, both at his (Whitely�s)
own expense and that of his friends, into whose
acquaintance Powell contrived to hook himself.
Tired, at length, of lending the old dodger money;
of presenting orders on Frank Leslie for payment,
which were denied by Wood and others, Whitely
told Powell his sentiments on board on Hoboken
ferry-boat, when the elderly shyster assumed the
bully and � disappeared into the water-closet, re-
maining there while Whitely was on board!   All
Powells stories about Leigh Hunt, Wordsworth
and others, Whitely listened to, as to an acknow-
led and privileged liar.       Whitely is a justice of,
the peace, paints pictures, edits a little Hoboken               
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