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Text for Page 205 [05-26-1861]

              Tom Thumb�s Entertainment.
weekly and writes a little for the New York press.
A good-humored, elderly, jocular man, I should
suppose him an Englishman.         Up-town in om-
nibus, through a midsummer rain-storm of some
violence.     Writing to George Bolton in the after
noon.      Out to post letter &c., by 6, returning up
Broadway as two regiments were marching down,
on their way to the South.       Writing during the

[newspaper clipping]
  LLOYD�DEFOREST�At Jersey City, on Monday, May
27, by the Rev. J. Brinton Smith, ALBERT T. LLOYD to Mrs. 
MARGARET A. DEFOREST, both of this city.

[Gunn�s diary continued]
  28.  Tuesday.
In doors, writing till the evening, then called on the
Woodward girls, finding Fite there, and chatting
with the three till 11.   Billington called this afternoon.
  29.  Wednesday.   Writing till 5, then down town.
In the evening went to 745, having tickets for Tom
Thumb�s Entertainment, and took Matty and 
Eliza to it.       Nast was there, Sally playing on the
piano to him, and I was left with them in the
basement, while the girls arrayed themselves.  Mr. Ed-
wards came down and Mrs. Edwards, too, presently,
both going off to Anna Bishop�s concert, to which I
had one ticket.         Tom Thumb did his personations
at Hope Chapel, the Gearys and others singing, Mr.
�Gustavus� (who had given me the tickets) presiding
at the piano.      Mat looked exceedingly pretty in a
new spring dress and light bonnet; the curls make               
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