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Text for Page 206 [05-27-1861]

              Cahill talks of Volunteering.
her face look oval.   She was pleased and good-
tempered, alloying the latter with a dash of smart-
ness, affected by all the sisters.    Eliza did a little
moral up-turning of the nose, but the evening went
off well enough.    At the house subsequently I tal-
ked with Mrs. Edwards, the girls clustering about
Tommy.    Anne came in and cackled dispraise
of Bunch, for supposed Southern sympathies, at
  30.  Thursday.   Writing till 4.   In Broadway
met Rondell and Cahill   The latter walked with
me down-town and up again, Bowery way.  He
was full of an offer of a nominal Lieutenancy, real
Secretaryship, made him by the captain or
colonel of one of the Volunteer companies, and
declares he will accept it and go to the War.        I
might be tempted to do the same, in my present
hard-upness, but a three years� enlistment is more
of man�s life than I can spare and then � Han-
nah.     Scribbling and drawing till 1. A. M.
Boweryem up and, later, Cahill; he rather
drunk, as I�m sorry to chronicle.    The fellow
is going to the bad again, I fear.  He drop-
ped payments to Larason after the first two,
and perpetually makes a square of hell�s pave-
ment with regard to writing to his sister, in               
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