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Text for Page 207 [05-27-1861]

         Row between Jewett and Le Van.
spite of my botherings.
  31.  Friday.   Drawing all the morning, then
rubbed out what I had done and went down
town, in the beautiful summer�s afternoon, feeling
sad and irritated at the old problem of poverty
facing me again.    A bit of comfort at the �Evening
Post� office, as Maverick, on my exhibiting Godwin�s
letter, authorized me to carry out a suggestion of mine.
To Haney�s; saw him.           Looked in at the �Cou-
rier� office, saw Smith and Briggs.            Cahill
came home to our 6 � o�clock meal, decidedly
tipsy.             This evening a row occurred over our
supper-table and afterwards, in the hall between
old Jewett and the beast Le Van.        For the last
two weeks the latter has been indirectly and clum-
sily bullying our landlady, having taken offence,
it seems, on a question of fish at a Sunday
breakfast.   This night he was grumbling at the
victuals, when Jewett remonstrated.   Words be-
got words, and Le Van became grossly insulting
both to his antagonist and Mrs. Boley.     Among
other agreeable things, he demanded Whether she
kept a Bully in the house for the purpose of in-
sultin� her Boarders? and presently told Jewett
he was drunk, when �the archetype of human
wisdom,� as Boweryem calls him, but him in the               
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