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Text for Page 208 [05-29-1861]

	       Exit Le Van.
eye and would have administered into him an
unquestionable licking, had not Waterman and
Mrs. Boley most unjustifiably prevented it.   Mrs.
Butler�s name was mixed up in the row, too, so
Boweryem says.           So the Beast with the pur-
ple mazzard has purged the house of his presence:
I never met a more purely odious person in
my pretty large experience.   It appears that
he and the Irishwoman, Ham, have not been
on speaking terms for a long time.   I suppose
Red Phiz wanted to play the �full-acorned
boar,� without the performance of the stipulated
amount of treatings, lyings, slowerings and
other mastifications, which the she-dog considered
her due.               There is but one woman in this
house who has the slightest claim to the title of
lady � little Geary.          And the daughter is a good
girl.      Probably the honestest and
cheeriest person in the house is Mary the ro-
bustuous Irish chambermaid � Mary who cuts
the broadest jokes with the men-boarders and never
affects an atom of delicacy.

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