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Text for Page 171 [09-02-1851]

              Mr Hart hath split with Bevan, as the latter cashed up not regularly.
Down town with letter &c in the afternoon.  Evening as I had agreed with
Mason, to Mrs Kidders, albeit not too willing to quit Pendennis.   Albert Brown,
Pope and another, Lotty and her mother, Lotty however soon going out with a 
cavalier, and to Taylors � a confectioners & restaurant.  They do such things in
the country they say sans impropriety.     Talked with Pope of the drama � [words 
crossed out]
[words crossed out] � [words crossed out].     Presently he left for billiardizing, so I 
with Mrs K and Brown till Lotty came back .  She and Jane Gibson sang,
as did Mrs K, and so passed the time pleasantly till close on midnight.
Sweet old songs were some, and one full of reminiscences for me.   Did not
talk much with her this evening.   In my taking leave, she in queer elf-
like manner, put her white hand up to my beard. [words crossed out]
[word crossed out] � [words crossed out]               Walked up and
down awhile in Broadway with Albert Brown � [words crossed out]
[words crossed out]. [words crossed out].
And now as tis just one o�clock I�m about to turn to bed.
  3  Wednesday.  Mason made his appearance at 6 1/2, looking marvellously
like a juvenile Sikes, peculiarly so about throat and whiskers.   Off with him
through the quiet streets, the fresh morning air and tranquil sunlight welcoming
us to the days-birth.   Arrived at the North River side, we partake of coffee,
cakes and steak, in cellar saloon owned by a Celt, and then to the first of 
Robinson Street, where we ascertain that the Yonkers boat has just started.
So after a word of counsel we cross the Hoboken shore,  and journey by the
River side, north wards.  The breeze ruffling the water, checquering it near and
far with curling foam tips, as we merrily jog on-wards.   Passed the old
rocks, on to Weehawk, and yet onwards.   Roads with telegraph-poles,
white houses, dogs attendant, now and then pigs, and attendant fowls.
These latter, as we pass through a part yclept �English neighbourhood� �               
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