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Text for Page 211 [06-01-1861]

debt for want of work, forget not, I�ve some
dollars left.     If you can spare the postage, a
letter from you would do me good. � I shall
write to you again, as soon as there is a change
in my wife�s health � forgive this scrawl � I
feel nervous and feverish from long watching
and want of sleep.       Thine faithfully,
			G. Bolton.
  I have two doctors with her, but I�ve no faith
in their skill.�
  Wrote.   Down�town, to the Quarter-Master
General�s Department � saw him � got letter.
To Harper�s, saw Guernsey � story rejected, as
expected.    Met Wurzbach, returning to engraver�s
department.       Saw Haney momentarily at Tou-
sey�s.     Met Fay in Broadway, with a thing, strag-
gling red beard � he works for the Harpers� too.
Met Cahill and Gufferoe (who has come home
drunk with him nocturnally, twice) � who it ap-
pears, published the �New Yorker� in the days when
Allie Vernon and Mort Thomson wrote for it, before
the advent of the latter on the �Picayune.�   A late
dinner with Boweryem.        In the evening writing
till 1 A. M.      Phillips came up, looking as red
as a red Indian from exposure to the sun.
The Seventh returned from Washington, this af-               
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