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Text for Page 215 [06-02-1861]

          Death of George Bolton�s Wife.

[newspaper clipping continued: first column]
more Zouave tactics than we can remember or de-
scribe, and the rather severe discipline, a heartier
or better disposed body of young men it would be
impossible to find anywhere.
  Their quarters are very neat and clean; many of
them prettily decorated with flowers, evergreens or
flags; the gift of their lady friends.  Two such
presentations occurred on Sunday, and one last
week, of a particularly fine banner, by the ladies of
Fort Lee, where the company receiving it was re-
cruited.  Each company is provided with a daily
paper, and a reader being appointed, all obtain the
benefit of it.  Indeed, we were informed by an offi-
cer that the men are �rather better posted� than
themselves with regard to news, finding more
leisure to devote to it.  What spare time the officers
can snatch from their multifarious duties appears
to be zealously devote to Hardee�s Tactics, and
similar military studies.

[newspaper clipping continued: second column]
  On Sundays the island swarms with friends and
relatives of the soldiers, and stroll where you will,
along the breezy shores, over the meadows, under
the trees, or into the innermost recesses of the
barrack-rooms, you encounter crinoline�crinoline
which subjects itself to a fearful phlebotomizing by
as hungry and venomous musquitoes as ever bit,
for the purpose of gratifying equally its curiosity,
affection and patriotism.  And apropos of the pes-
tiferous embryo vampies alluded to, Colonel Haw-
kins�s Zouaves declare that they have already shed
their blood for their country in liberal measure,
some of them maintaining that the proclivities of
the abominable insects can only be accounted for
by their being rank secessionists.
  The Zouaves, however, aspire to risk worse san-
guineal depletion in the defence of the Union, and
expect to depart for Fortress Monroe to-morrow,
when they hope to obtain Enfield rifles in place of
their present weapons.

[Gunn�s diary continued]
to New York by a very crowded boat, at about
�7, and I did not go out afterwards, doing
some writing.     Boweryem up and anon Ca-
hill, the latter remaining till past midnight.
  3.  Monday.   Letters from George Bolton,
from my mother and Mary Anne.   Writes
George;                            �Paris, Friday.
	�I have sad news to tell you � my
darling girl is dead; her sweet spirit fled
this morning and now I am alone.  I�ve tele-
graphed to Richard this morning; he arrives
here to-night � come you and let me have
my only two friends beside me.  The boy lives �
oh! my dear old friend Thomas Gunn! may
you never realize the bitter, the horrible agony
of this last week � I�ll tell you some day
all about it; I�m hot and feverish now               
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