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Text for Page 216 [06-02-1861]

           George�s Letter and Invitation.
and you won�t understand me.     These women
about me annoy me and crowd me and my
brain doesn�t seem quite clear � and the sense
of the child�s lot in this life as well as my own
terrifies me.     I feel if you or Dick were
here and could speak to me I should be all
right.            They must tell me how I must
bury her � and then she is gone! � my best
beloved one! gone for ever.   I have no definite
idea as to future proceedings � my joy and
hope is gone; � the little motherless one! what
shall I do with it? � �that way madness lies!�
I feel if you could conveniently come to me
and talk to me a little while, just now, I
should soon get better and be able to get to
work: � I never did and never may again
want your company as I want it now.
You know I�m not mentally so strong as you
are in bearing up against misery.  Don�t hesitate
as to living � I�ve plenty of pork and flour.
If you will come I shall feel thankful � say
next week � by that time I shall be rid of these
women, or most of them.     Thy miserable friend,
George Bolton.�              Wrote to him, saying
what I could and promising to co start on Mon-
day.     The untimely death of this poor girl               
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